The Bullpen is a volunteer-led, invite-only Club that gathers life science Investors and CxOs with a shared goal of helping each other.

Our Mantra: Find Someone to Help. Repeat.

Our Mantra:
Find Someone to Help. Repeat.

In Q4 2021, I reached out to an old friend named Phil Ebner at JPMorgan. I told him about a project I was calling the Bullpen. I wanted to pull together life science leaders to prepare for, and attend, JPM Week. He agreed to help me.

The Bullpen is where pitchers perfect their craft and help each other perform better. It is a sacred place in the game of baseball. Phil and I wanted to bring this concept to our networks.

Hundreds of leaders joined our virtual prep meetings that Fall. Unfortunately, JPM Week 2022 was canceled due to COVID-19. But, we knew we had something special in the Bullpen.

Since then, the Bullpen has continued to offer virtual events, as well as in person events in San Francisco, Boston, Minneapolis and San Diego. We have hosted thousands of Deal Makers.

We rely on Sponsor Members to cover the operating costs of Bullpen events. Club Members pay a modest one-time, lifetime membership fee to cover Bullpen administrative costs.

We invite you to inquire about a Social Membership if you are a fit for the Bullpen. Check out the community we are building, and most importantly, find someone to help.

Mark Platt

Christiaan Engstrom
Bullpen Curator

Bullpen Rules

1. Bullpen is for Deal Makers

2. Our Mission: Help Each Other

3. Meet Regionally and Virtually

4. Summit at JPM Week

5. Invite-only Membership

6. Swim at Own Risk

7. Transparency is Valued

8. Integrity is Measured

9. Referrals are Sacred

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Gathering life science investors and CxOs with a shared goal of helping each other.

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