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Meet us in San Diego
BIO International Convention
June 2nd – 5th, 2024

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Join us at The Garage Collective

1827 Main St B, San Diego, CA 92113
1 Mile South of the Convention Center on Trolley

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Bio 2024

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Meet our Members

Schedule a meeting with one of our 150+ Club Member & Sponsors at BIO 2024 in San Diego at the Garage Collective

Sunday Rooftop Party
Tuesday “Whip” Party
3 Day Car Show
3 Day Test Drives
KOL Interviews
Investor Breakfasts
Partnering Lunches
Member Happy Hours
Press Room CEO Interviews

Audrey Greenberg & Jacques Jospitre

Garage Talk KOL Interviews

Our wildly popular KOL interviews are returning, hosted at the the Garage Collective. Meet top life science dealmakers who follow our mantra.

Our Mantra: Find Someone to Help. Repeat.

Attend Garage Talks
Request to be interviewed
Review our past interviews here

Margaritaville San Diego

Opening Night Rooftop Party

We will announce our lead sponsors soon.
In the meantime, please reserve Sunday, June 2nd from 6 – 9PM for our event. This event is exclusively for Bullpen Club Members & Sponsors, with a few exceptions…

Bullpen Test Drives

Take us for a Spin

We have engaged multlple car manufacturers to provide test drives to our members for a different kind of Zoom meeting.

Bullpen Happy Hour

Member Happy Hours
4 – 7 PM | Mon – Wed

Ready for a dealmaker heavy happy hour with luxury and performance cars as your backdrop?

This is an invite only event for Life Science Investors and CxOs.

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Investor Breakfast

Investor Breakfasts
8 – 10 AM | Mon – Wed

Monday | Women Investors
Tuesday | BIPOC Investors
Wednesday | San Diego Investors (Invite Only)


Bullpen Garage Collective Bus

Partnering Lunches
12 – 2 PM | Mon – Wed

There is something for everyone in the Bullpen. Hop on the bus. We’ll make sure you get connected with top dealmakes in Life Sciences.

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Bullpen car

Whip Party
7 – 10 PM | Tuesday

“Whip” is used to describe a car “whipped” in a stylish or impressive manner. It is popular in hip-hop lyrics and urban slang, to describe a luxurious, high-end, or otherwise impressive automobile.

Cool Cars. Live DJ.
Complimentary libations and appetizers.

The Garage Collective

3 Day Car Show
10 AM – 2 PM

Thank you to the Garage Collective Members for hosting us at their special Club. Garage Collective Members will be displaying their 50+ luxury, performance and vintage vehicles for the enjoyment of the Bullpen. 

Thank You To Our Sponsors

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Golden Gate Yacht Club

 Golden Gate Yacht Club

What to Expect

As attendees from around the world converge on San Diego, hotel accommodations are in high demand. Don’t miss your chance to secure a comfortable and affordable stay during your time here. We strongly recommend booking your hotel room now to guarantee your spot and avoid any last-minute rush.

Hotel options are available here.

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Gathering life science investors and CxOs with a shared goal of helping each other.

Join an exclusive community of top-tier life science deal makers.

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