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Life Science Key Opinion Leaders, Deal Makers, Startups, Non-Profits, Interviews, Panels, & Pitches.

Livestreamed Monday, January 8th, 2024 to Wednesday, January 10th, 2024 (8 am – 4 pm PST).

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Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Prasun Mishra<br />

8:00 AM

Prasun Mishra LinkedIn Icon

President • American Association for Precision Medicine

Stacie Calad-Thomson

8:30 AM

Stacie Calad-Thomson LinkedIn Icon

Vice Chair • AAIH

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Kristin King, MBA

10:30 AM

Kristin King LinkedIn Icon

Investor • Boston Harbor Angels

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James Cavuoto

11:00 AM

James Cavuoto LinkedIn Icon

Editor and Publisher • Neurotech Reports

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JoJo Platt

11:30 AM

JoJo Platt LinkedIn Icon

President • Platt & Associates

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Phil Ebner

11:45 AM

Phil Ebner LinkedIn Icon

Executive Diector, Life Sciences • JPMorgan Chase

Maria Luisa Pineda

12:00 PM

Maria Luisa Pineda LinkedIn Icon

CEO • Envisagenics

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Sarah Benson-Konforty

12:30 PM

Sarah Benson-Konforty LinkedIn Icon

General Partner • 1010VC

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Immanuel Lerner

12:45 PM

Immanuel LernerLinkedIn Icon

CEO • Pepticon

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Cory Padesky

1:00 PM

Cory Padesky LinkedIn Icon

Sr. Director, Strategy & Marketing • Donaldson

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Ruben Flores

1:30 PM

Ruben Flores LinkedIn Icon

Business Development Lead • General Inception

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Dave Latshaw

2:00 PM

Dave Latshaw II LinkedIn Icon

Co-Founder, CEO • Biophy

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James Zanewicz

3:00 PM

James Zanewicz LinkedIn Icon

CBO • Tulane University School of Medicine

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